Theater of War: Syria

April 16, 2018

It makes little sense to offer you a daily briefing on the events in Syria since no source is worth your trust when it comes to getting the facts from the front lines.

We can say this though…

The US, the UK and France did not bomb Syrian lands recently because the Assad regime allegedly used chemical weapons. No one has offered and no one has seen any shred of evidence that proves that the Syrian government was involved in such attacks.

Now that the false “ISIS” card has been played by the invading powers, without any results at all in their favor, the aggressors must now resort to direct warfare in order to try (try) to stay relevant on the world scene.

The fact of the matter is though that none of the recent bombings, nor any of the previous (proxy) war campaigns, are merely “for the oil”. History and current reality teach us that the extermination of cultures is the real goal, with the endgame being the control over a global monoculture. This is in line with the monostream that is being created, to replace the current news media spectrum.

However, opposing the war that is being waged by the US, the UK, Israel and their various EU/NATO/Arab allies against any nation, not just against Syria, does not mean that aligns itself with Russia, China and Iran (nor should you!). Nor do we see Russia, or rather the Russian government, and their Chinese and Iranian counterparts as saviors or heroes of any kind.

The fact that ALL governments exploit “terrorism” and constantly mislead and oppress their populations is more than enough reason to be suspicious.