ABSURD at Best: Calling NATO Block Enemies… Flocking to Russian State News Media

April 17, 2018

There’s this half decade old trend that is now really starting to look ridiculous. It’s the international group of bloggers, Tweeters and Youtubers who in concert claim that the western news media can’t be trusted (which IS true) and as a result they have been flocking to the Russian government’s propaganda outlets like Sputnik and RT.

Clearly we are finding ourselves right in the middle of the transition from ‘news media spectrum’ to ‘monostream’. That would explain why, seemingly, thousands of bloggers and “truthers” have been extremely loyal to the Russian government. Even though there really is ZERO reason to do so.

On the surface it may appear that, concerning Syria for instance, Russian society and politics are more humane and that they, more than the western populations, want to and allegedly have been averting world war 3. At least that’s the picture that self-declared independent voices paint for their audiences.

Reality and history teach us, however, that nor the Russian/Chinese/Iranian front nor the NATO block can be trusted. Let alone be given our blind faith. But that is exactly what we have seen evolve in the last 5 or so years. A shift from western news media to Russian government sponsored news media.

If Orwell’s 1984 does not pop up in your mind right now then you have not been paying attention and then you somehow do not understand the extent of the deception that populations are being exposed to.

So yes, the US and its NATO block have been lying to us all, and yes, Russia’s state news media SEEM to care about the people of the Middle East more than western folks but clearly all of this is nothing but a divide and conquer strategy that serves the agenda of only a very select few. This is especially in favor of those who seek Zion in the 21st century.

Besides, Russia, China and Iran have their own plans for the Middle East and these may be just as bad for the world as the plans that the US and its slave block have for the region.

This brings me to another item I have to discuss here today.

Go on Twitter, Facebook or on any comment sections online. Here’s what you will find:

  • Trump ordered this
  • The Democrats do that
  • Leftists propose this
  • Rightwingers claim that

So on and so forth… The endless, by design, “debates” wherein people allow themselves to be shoved into camps and good and bad sides to events.

In reality, just as history and reality teach us, people have to get rid of that slave and sheep mentality, by no longer thinking within the allowed framework that is being crafted for them.

Don’t focus on the yellow brick road, focus on Emerald City. Don’t focus on your differences, focus on your common need, which is to get rid of oppressive regimes and sneaky politicians (meaning ALL of them) and financiers.

Claiming that you want peace but without, often deliberately, pointing to the real perpetrators is simply stupid.