Details and Confusion

April 18, 2018

I ended my previous update with writing that our victories are in the details and I’m 100% sure of that.

Knowing or understanding more than the average person comes with the responsibility to use that information and knowledge for the betterment of society (preferably that is, because obviously not all such people do so…).

That’s one of the reasons I created Lie Log. It is my way of relaying my information, vision and opinions to those who are willing to go beyond the divide and conquer system. It is my way of trying to raise the activist and rebel bar.

Going beyond that system is hard because most folks (including the majority of the activists) are hardwired to operate and live within that very system, so detecting and averting (not falling victim to) the divide-and-conquer is for most of them a daunting task. Still, there are plenty of others just like me who see the game for what it is, and although we may have different approaches and opinions we do see that the only way we are going to actually have victories is by no longer following the rules of the system that we seek to topple (it can’t be changed, only destroyed or preserved).


Paying attention to the details is therefore one of the most important objectives that we must give ourselves. This has to become and stay a natural reflex!

It goes from the easy-to-spot details, like “Trump’s war on…” or “the globalists’ drive for…” – both statements say nothing and are in fact false in nature because 1) Trump [or insert any other name] (as US president) is merely a puppet who follows his financiers their orders (within a predefined spectrum) and 2) there’s no such easy to define thing as globalists since there are globalists who seek an oppressive world government and there are globalists who seek the toppling of NATO and the World Trade Organization (just to name a few); the latter are often referred to as alter-globalists for instance – to the more advanced situations where one needs a deeper understanding of the wider agendas. Such is, for instance, the case with Google, WikiLeaks and the arising monostream (that’s just one example).

The true rebellion or real activist core doesn’t serve its own agendas when it continues to use the same terminology in the wrong way as it does today. More specifically in reference to the examples above and alike. Lets take for instance also the usage of the word “conspiracy”. The word is literally being raped by all sides to the point that it is now being used to refer to situations where one normally would use the word “ridiculous” or the phrase “crackpot story”. This happens both in mainstream/monostream circles and truther activist/blogger circles. This is not only damaging to one’s credibility it also is simply stupid to do. “Conspiracy” does not mean “something idiotic” or “some unfounded claim”. It means, on the other hand, that certain individuals or entities conspire…

Oddly, when you point out such things as an observer you instantly get banned, blocked or attacked… by “truthers” and seemingly hardcore activists. This makes you wonder who they are really operating for and they don’t even have to be aware of it themselves that they are proxy assets (one doesn’t have to physically own something or one to control it/them).

This happens to me all the time, in fact just the other day. I was being critical over at Marwa Osman’s Twitter feed, I pointed out that it isn’t “Trump’s war” in Syria since the Pentagon never needed any president’s approval to bomb any area in the world. Instead of engaging me with decent arguments the woman banned me from her Twitter feed. This makes you wonder who she is really aligning with because she too is a staunch supporter of RT and that says a lot (of bad) when you understand the bigger picture. Is she really the activist that she claims she is? I’m not sure anymore about her…

For the record, in stark contrast to most other activists, I didn’t permanently dump the western news media to then just simply put myself at the mercy of the Russian and Iranian state media outlets. That’s another crucial “detail” that most critical thinkers seem to miss when they investigate and report.


That the details are often hard to see for what they truly are is of course largely the fault of confusion being omnipresent, by design.

Confusion is cultivated not just between opposing parties but also within certain streams and blocks. You can see this increasingly today. In fact, the entire so-called “truth movement”/”alternative news media” (of which I am not a part) attests to that. One can’t find a better case in point.

Adding to the organic confusion, confusion that is created due to people honestly having different views (which is OK, natural and acceptable), is the planted or crafted confusion that is created by infiltrating an co-opting movements and activist alliances (this kind is what really worries me the most since it is connivingly being steered by those we are supposed to jointly put on public display).

If a big enough percentage of the activists and true rebels out there really is searching for victories against the monostream then we are going to have to raise the bar together and consistently.

Our victories are in the details, I hope an increasing number of you will realize this eventually.

On a final note, I want to add that I am not aligned with flat earthers and those who claim that they have “nailed Google on the wall” as it allegedly switched/shifted between timelines (as in time traveling) simply because C-3P0 has a silver leg in certain Star Wars scenes…

I am available, though, to consider that Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy/Roadster charade was a staged event, but not as you’d expect