Mainstream or Altstream? Sorry, I’m Afraid It’s “Monostream” (Serving You Infotainment)

April 18, 2018


Yes, monostream. Better get used to the new term because that is exactly what we are heading for/are at, and it’s by design.

There used to be a mainstream narrative and one or more opposing alternative narratives. There used to be the establishment/corporate news media and the alternative/independent news media…

Those days are gone…!

Behold the monostream, where both mainstream and alternative news media are largely being merged into one seemingly chaotic and confusing narrative spectrum… out of which “order” arises.

Here’s the simple to understand situation…

The co-opting and controlled opposition (alternative news media) has reached critical mass, it is now advancing the agenda of the owners of the (old) mainstream news media.

Make no mistake about it, most narrative deviations are endorsed AND MONETIZED by “the elite”, as the truthers out there would call them.

Lets take a random “truther” website to prove this and to do the test: Blacklisted News.

On April 18, 2018, these are 7 of the frontpage articles at “BlackListed” News:

Exactly ZERO of the sources of the above articles can in any credible way be advertised/described as “blacklisted” sources serving “blacklisted” news. Lets be honest here. Tech Dirt, RT, AP, The Duran, CNN (twice!) and Boing Boing are not exactly dangerous underground publications or networks. Let alone “blacklisted” anything…

On top of this, the website is brought to you by Outbrain, an Israeli/Mossad data funnel that is obviously simply monetizing infotainment and mining metadata. But know that Blacklisted News is considered one of “the better” alternative news media outlets… good god… the stupidity is off the charts folks.

Indeed, the monostream is very real and very effective because it keeps the larger part of “the opposition” effectively and quite easily within the crafted and controlled narrative spectrum.

M O N O S T R E A M…