Trojan Horse: One America News Network (OANN)

April 18, 2018

More than likely, OANN’s “report” on the April chemical attack in Douma, Syria (which likely never happened), is going to go into history as the hook that anchored the Herring news media outlet permanently in the conspiracy theories community. Effectively profiling itself as a “truther” channel.

But not everything is as it seems and you do not have to be an expert to see where this is going and where it is coming from.

OANN is a pro-Trump mouthpiece, this is bad news not only because it supports Donald Trump but more so because by doing so it perpetuates the monostream paradigms (it would have been just as bad had it supported the Clintons). As in left vs right, democrats vs republicans, white vs black etc. It literally feeds the system it allegedly wants to change.

This by itself is worrisome enough because OANN is becoming a popular limited hangout that seemingly prefers to align itself with Russian state-sponsored infotainment house RT. RT is already the most popular self-declared “alternative” news media outlet online – regardless of it being a 100% “mainstream”, and thus, monostream outpost. It is the “truthers” their favorite “credible” source.

In reality all that really happened is that “truthers” and conspiracy theorists have traded the western mainstream news media for Russian state-sponsored propaganda. Essentially putting themselves at the mercy of just another rising empire that seeks to dominate the world. The Russian government and oligarchs may have a different approach to achieve that, compared to the NATO block, but the endgame is pretty much the same.

Going through OANN’s online presence, on Youtube and their own website, it becomes clear that also with OANN we have a road to Zion on our hands. This allows them to seemingly be critical of western propaganda (e.g. “no chemical attack happened in Douma”) because Zion is being built by leading all the opposition fronts.

Another way you can see that OANN is just another controlled opposition is in the terminology that they use. Especially in their Douma report you can notice this easily. “Terrorists” is very often used by their news anchor Pearson Sharp. This gives away whose agenda they are advancing.

I understand that the average “truther” and activist will have to get up to speed here in order to follow what I’m talking about… but stick around and you’ll get there…

Our victories are in the details… More about this in my next update.