SpaceX TESS: Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 First Stage Likely Never Really Landed at All

April 28, 2018

Going by “the footage” that was presented to the world as NASA’s alleged TESS satellite was launched earlier this month one can’t get beyond the idea that no first stage of the alleged Falcon 9, carrying TESS, ever landed back on the surface of the Earth – on a drone ship – as it has been presented by SpaceX and the international monostream news/infotainment media.

The footage that is supposed to convince the world that the first stage actually did land successfully starts right about here.

Screenshots below:

The red arrow points to the area that allegedly represents “Earth” in SpaceX’s “live” video footage of the Falcon 9’s first stage heading back to the surface of mankind’s home planet.

Eventually the first stage makes it, allegedly, all the way to the landing site at sea without any of the cameras attached to it ever capturing any signs of actually being at or on planet Earth at all. As if the surrounding environment was deliberately doctored, for a yet undefined reason. This video too makes a great comparison and proves this point.

And when the first stage is about to land, at the final seconds of its journey, the feed is cut off. Leaving us with no actual footage that confirms an actual landing, regardless of what folks around the world think or believe they have witnessed.

How much of the entire NASA/Musk “space program” is, thus, actually real when “live” footage is doctored (or not provided) like this?