About LieLogger

Last updated April 15, 2018

I’m LieLogger, the main LieLog.com operator, a Junior Veteran Investigative Citizen Reporter.

In roughly a decade I went from being an altstream newbie to a truly independent and viciously attacked realist who has, through trial and error, achieved to find an effective method to convey a realistic worldview that is as close to the truths as it can possibly get.

For this reason I’m confined to an existence in anonymity, since the emerging world regime goes to the greatest lengths to silence me and any and all other potent opposition and rebellion.

I have had about a half dozen of websites and blogs during the past decade through which I used to report my findings and views. All of them have been derailed, hacked or buried. With Lie Log I basically give my quest for justice and freedom a final chance and channel.

Throughout the year I do not request any donations from any of my readers, followers and supporters, with the only exception being for the maintenance of this website. The domain name and hosting together cost about $50 per year. Should you want to contribute to covering these expenses then you can reach me through the contact page of the Lie Log website.