Yellow Brick Road

Last updated April 15, 2018

The “yellow brick road” means different things to different people. Here, it is an allegory of the manufactured perceptions and lives that populations, mainly in the western(ized) and alleged “democratic” societies, get and live while at the same time being almost entirely oblivious to the fact that their realities – to the smallest details –  tend to be designed for them by individuals and groups of people who seek to thrive through continuously dividing populations, communities and families.


Where the Yellow Brick Road once merely was the fictional path that Dorothy traveled to meet the Wizard of Oz – a road that also led to adventure,  friendships and revelations – it has now basically become life itself in the 21st century, i.e. the yellow brick road is the manufactured, intensely controlled, scripted and (literally) programmed everyday life that is being projected on the TV screens and that is being reflected in the newspapers and online by those, relatively, few who own the news and entertainment stations and the broadcasting and internet backbone infrastructure.

That this really is the case became once more glaringly clear earlier this year when the Sinclair Broadcasting Group required its local news anchors to read a scripted promo that allegedly reflected a mistrust of the U.S. news media by the broader, local audiences.

The infotainment stunt was of such nature and quality that it managed to drive the news media spectrum, and politicians, into damage control. All alleging that “free speech” somehow was under attack by the stunt and that the promo was not a true representation of the allegedly actual news media spectrum.

The Sinclair campaign, not the content thereof, was such a blatantly accurate representation that it shocked and rocked the news media itself, to its very foundations.


Just like the old “Yellow Brick Road”, so is the demarcation of “mainstream” and “alternative” news and infotainment media fading away faster and faster. Eventually the old spectrum will entirely be reduced to a monostream wherein certain shades of opinions are allowed (by design), simply in order to better manage populations their perceptions and behavior, but which are all determined by the engineers of the monostream culture.

One does not have to look very hard or study very long to find this being the truth. It is claimed, both by “mainstream” talking heads and “conspiracy theorists” that Google is one of the several tools that is being utilized to streamline what people will eventually think, believe and “know”.

On the other hand, it is by exactly the same groups of people assumed that Wikileaks is a nail in the coffin for those who seek control over the world through their elaborate spy and sabotage schemes.

However, nothing could be further from the truth than the above assumption. All we need to prove this is Google as a search engine and “WikiLeaks” as a search term.

As you can see above, Google offers a direct search function for the Wikileaks website, on its top search results page. Obviously, the power structure (or the powers that want to be) couldn’t care less about the alleged “damage” that WikiLeaks can do to the power structure, of which the Six Eyes are the most important assets.

Also for this reason it makes no sense at all to assume or believe that, in this case, WikiLeaks is a grassroots initiative that is fighting for the average person.

Anything that is truly damaging to the power structure will not be given prime promotion and accessibility by the secretive folks who are allegedly under attack by such alleged grassroots projects.

Clearly, in this case, also WikiLeaks is merely an infotainment venue, a distraction, along the yellow brick road. Carefully designed to keep real secrets safe.

Never Ending

Where Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road ended in Emerald City, Land of Oz, today’s yellow brick road seemingly knows no end, in that the “wizard(s)” are not revealed to the public. The “wizard(s)”, as in those who utilize Google and WikiLeaks in the above example to achieve certain goals of their agendas, remain behind the curtain where cameras and reporting are banned and likely even wrongfully deemed illegal.

As soon as “the wizards” feel that people are getting too close to the truth, too close to revealing who the puppeteers are, the public is thrown a bone. Hence, in this example, WikiLeaks.

Emerald City

Those who study mankind, news media, infotainment and history know and see “Emerald City”, where “the wizard(s)” reside and operate from but we seemingly are never able to get there. We see Emerald City at the horizon, we can almost smell and taste it, but we haven’t been able so far to reach the end of the yellow brick road where we could then pull away the curtain to eventually put the wizards on public display.

We can get there though… by checkmating “the wizards”. Logging their lies might just do that.